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& Lighting, LLC

I am the owner and operator of this small to med-lg sound company. I have the ability to provide Sound and Lighting equipment and operation for venues from 50-2,000 people indoor or outdoor.

With experience as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, I have a good ear and talent for mixing music events. I pride myself in ensuring that vocalists can be heard over the instruments.

With the recent issues across the country, I have also become more involved in videography and own a few cameras and a switcher and can provide video recordings or live streams for events.

I'm an entertainer and a recording artist. I've been in this business professionally for thirty five years. I recently had the pleasure of working with Curtis, of "Just Me Sound" at Fortune Bay casino where I performed in concert.

Curtis provided me with a quality sound, he was easy to work with, he had great equipment, and overall just a good guy. I would recommend him and his company for any concert and I look forward to working with him again   ~Yours Truly, B.B. Secrist - Oct. 2016 

~  "Our business relationship will always be solid because I appreciate the person you are and the service that you provide" - Leni Dimancari, Agent, 2016

~  "Thanks for assisting us last weekend. You and your equipment brought our event to another level. I hope you will consider working with us again next July!  Thank you!" - Josh Goosbee, 2016 Lonesome Pine & Bay Lake 

~ "Wow, great job last night. Lots of fun! Obviously they were impressed with the crowd. What amazing timing that the lady in charge of booking bands just happened to be there. That was the first time she'd actually seen us I'll be working on dates for the fall... Again, great job and happy Memorial Day!!!" - Tony Mazzone - Mallrats 2016

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